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Dr. Graeme Acheson

Dr. Graeme AchesonLecturer in Finance, University of Ulster

Contact Details: Business Card

Research Areas

  • Banking history,corporate governance, finance and law.

Previous Academic Positions

  • ESRC Research Fellow, Queen's University Belfast.

Personal Background

Graeme has a PhD from Queen's University Belfast. His thesis examined the impact of the evolving legal environment in Britain on the corporation, particularly focusing on how changes in legislation affected the ownership characteristics and governance structures of early British banks. More recently his research has focused on investor behaviour and the growth of the British Stock Market in the nineteenth century.

Selected Publications

  • Acheson, G.G, Turner, J.D and Ye, Q. “The Character and Denomination of Shares on the British Equity Market, 1825-70”, Economic History Review (forthcoming).

  • Acheson, G.G, Hickson, C.R and Turner, J.D. “Organisational Flexibility and Corporate Governance in a Civil-Law Regime: Scottish Provincial Banking During the Industrial Revolution”. Business History (Forthcoming).

  • Acheson, G.G and Turner J.D. (2011) “Shareholder Liability, Risk Aversion, and Investment Returns in Nineteenth-Century British Banking,” in Green, D., Maltby, J., Owens, A. and Rutterford, J. (Eds.), Men, Women and Money, Oxford University Press.

  • Acheson, G.G. and Turner J.D. (2011) “Investor Behaviour in a Nascent Capital Market: Scottish Bank Shareholders in the Nineteenth Century”, Economic History Review, vol. 64, pp.118-213.

  • Acheson, G.G, Hickson, C.R and Turner, J.D. (2010) “Does Limited Liability Matter? Evidence From nineteenth-century British Banking”. Review of Law and Economics, Vol. 6: Iss. 2, Article 6.

  • Acheson, G.G, Hickson, C.R, Turner, J.D and Ye, Q. (2009) “Rule Britannia!: British Stock Market Returns, 1825-1870”, Journal of Economic History, vol. 69, pp.1106-1136.

  • Acheson, G.G. and Turner J.D. (2008) “The Death Blow to Unlimited Liability in Victorian Britain: The City of Glasgow Failure”, Explorations in Economic History, vol. 45, pp.235-253.

  • Acheson, G.G. and Turner J.D. (2008) “The Development of Financial Capitalism in Nineteenth-Century Britain: The Secondary Market for Bank Shares”, Financial History Review, 2008, vol. 15, pp.123-152.

  • Acheson, G.G. and Turner J.D. (2006) “The Impact of Limited Liability on Ownership and Control: Irish Banking, 1877-1914”, Economic History Review, vol. 59, pp.320-346.

Awards and Scholarships

  • Leverhulme Trust (2010) £78,833. Corporate Ownership and Control in Nineteenth-Century Britain. With J. Turner (QUB) & G. Campbell (QUB)

  • British Academy Small Research Grant (2010) £6,600. Share Ownership in the Nineteenth Century: The Characteristics and Holdings of Insurance Company Shareholders.

  • Finalist Coleman Prize (2007) - awarded by the Association of Business Historians to recognise excellence in new research.

  • Emily Sarah Montgomery Travel Scholarships (2003).




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